Baylor Diabetes Collateral

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

March 2015

Through a collaboration with The Art Institute of Phoenix and Baylor College of Medicine, my Collateral Design class was able to work on potential branding for various print & web graphics for Baylor's Diabetes program. After a lot of research on the school's program as well as Diabetes itself, I wrote the tagline for the program: "Only you can prevent your diabetes" I used this verbiage to make the issue personal for the reader. I also paired it with a typographic pattern as a graphic element with the words Prepare, Learn, and Live. The target demographic was young adults 18-25, so I kept the design simple and modern but still energetic, while the complementary color scheme adds contrast and visual interest. I stayed consistent with the school's branding by incorporating their navy blue color and using a geometric, sans-serif font, as they did in their Diabetes Program logo.

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