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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

October 2015

This project was an assignment of mine at The Art Institute of Phoenix. Cubacana is a fictional, Cuban-American fusion, fast food restaurant. The prompt for the assignment was to design a functional and practical carry-out food container with multiple compartments for side dishes. We were paired in groups for the initial brainstorming of the restaurant name and concept, before branching off on our own to design our own prototypes.

The branding, like the food, is a fusion of colorful Cuba and modern America. After designing and testing a functional die-line for the package, I created the artwork and print files for each element. I printed the finished designs on thin adhesive vinyl, applied that to card stock, then cut, scored and assembled all the pieces. My main objective was to create an easy-to-use and efficient carry-out container that was still aesthetically pleasing. By creating a tray and sleeve design, the restaurant is able to pack each tray with any combination of entrees and sides, before sliding it neatly into the sleeve that protects your food and your vehicle while transporting your delicious food!

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