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Drunken Farmer

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

November 2015

Drunken Farmer is a fictional brewery that my fellow classmates and I created for a package design project at The Art Institute of Phoenix. The group brainstormed different brewery names and concepts, settling on Drunken Farmer, a comical interpretation of a fruit brew beer that was high in alcohol content. The slogan for the brand is "Not another sissy cider" implying that unlike the stereotype of fruit beers being for woman, Drunken Farmer Fruit Brew is tough enough for men too. We also thought of funny names for the different flavors, using alliteration and synonyms for 'drunk', such as 'Plastered Peach'. 

While the concept was a collaborative group effort, we worked individually on the packaging and graphics. I vectorized my hand-drawn illustration of the farmer mascot for the brand and went on to create on-brand artwork for the bottle labels and carrier. I then printed, cut, and constructed the package. The die-line for the 4-pack container is very simple, but effective, and utilizes the weight and shape of the bottles to keep everything secure while carrying it by the handle. I then art directed a photoshoot of the final product.

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