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Mermaid Media

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

October 2014

This corporate identity project was for one of my branding courses at The Art Institute of Phoenix. The assignment was to create a concept for a company, branding, and then develop the full corporate identity manual. Mermaid Media is a (fictional) nation-wide, multi-media corporation that is involved in several industries including music, film, and internet entertainment.

I designed the logo to symbolize sound waves and movement, which relates to the waves of the ocean for "mermaid" as well. The wave design also incorporates a double 'M' for Mermaid Media. The cool color palette ties in with the mermaid name and theme.

The manual includes many standard branding elements, such as the color palette, typography, and photography styles. There is also a section for the logo specifications and usage guidelines. Branded collateral and signage design examples can be found in the manual as well.

It is very important for any & every company to have a brand manual of some extent, especially if they plan to ever expand. A brand manual can make all the difference in ensuring a brand is upheld consistently and professionally.

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