Stowaway Realty Ad Campaign

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

May 2014

Stowaway Realty is a fictional, high-end, realty firm, that needed to get the word out about their new time-share program. I developed the company name, concept, and logo before creating the full print ad campaign. The logo is a timeless and traditional design, using the monogram "SA" to create the emblem, meant so somewhat resemble a celtic knot and play on the nautical theme. The name itself is a play on words, meaning the buyers will want to "stowaway" in their new luxurious vacation home. I then wrote the tagline and copy for the ads. I chose dramatic, similarly arranged stock images for the backgrounds and set the type in the same position to create a visually cohesive campaign.

All photos used are creative commons, copyright free, &/or purchased stock imagery.

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